Fanlisting, Guestbook, and Goodies

By God, I’m going through bipolar feelings for this site. One day I’m neglecting it to be covered in dust, and now I work at it till my muscles cry for mercy.

Some of the new things on the site.

  • Integrated a fanlisting for Kyou Sohma so check out the Kyou Fanlisting section so for all those Kyou fans, please join! It’s free! ^_^
  • Added a Guestbook
  • Created a new section with loads and loads of stuff! Go to the Kyou Stuff section!

That’s about it. I’m exhausted… ^_^

Funny Cat Videos

Over the years I’ve watched our cat get into a lot of hilarious situations. Either getting locked in the closet, having a cute sniffing fit, or even getting scared of a mouse bigger than him! =)

I tried to find some funny videos of cats from other cat owners and these are what I found.

Free Funny Cat Videos
Other Funny Cat Videos

Note that you have to download some of them rather than playing them online. But they’re worth it! =)

Using a surveillance video system is a great way to keep a close eye on your house or business while you’re away.  There are many different kinds of surveillance cameras to choose from based on what security video features you’d like included.  Some of the more advanced home security cameras can even be streamed online so you can check on your home security on a computer away from home.